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Micro-Sphere Sensitization

UTEC employs various methods of sensitizing aqueous-based explosives, such as:

  • Micro-sphere sensitization
    • Glass micro-spheres
    • Plastic micro-spheres
  • Chemical in-situ gas sensitization
  • Energetic material sensitization within a composition

The significant difference between the traditional or classic “dynamite” explosive formulations and the more modern aqueous based explosives is the method of sensitizing these particular explosive products. Traditionally the dynamite products are sensitized by adding Nitro-Glycerin (NG) or a similar derivative. Today’s aqueous based explosives both water-gels and emulsions are typically sensitized via the addition of “voids” which upon shock initiation act as “Hot-spots” via the physics of adiabatic compression and propagate the shock and detonation wave through the explosive material.

UTEC’s early and continuous involvement in the development and evolution of aqueous based explosives provides for a degree of expertise unsurpassed within the industry. UTEC can provide or recommend several or the “most desired” method of sensitizing your explosives formulations. From micro-sphere, gas entrainment, chemical gassing, energetic material sensitization, or various combinations; UTEC has the answer.

Let UTEC Corp’s experienced in-house research and development team has identify and make recommendations to you as to which specific chemical raw ingredients would be best applicable for your particular formulation or manufacturing process.

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