Velocity of Detonation Testing
Energetic Materials Business Unit

Velocity of Detonation

All explosives by definition detonate in a ‘direction’ and at a specific rate. This specific rate is known in the industry as the “detonation-rate”, or more frequently referred to as the Velocity of Detonation or VOD for short.

UTEC personnel use a variety of standard methods and instruments to actually measure the velocity of detonation of any commercial or developmental explosive material. The two main methods employed to measure the detonation velocity are:

  • Point-to-Point method
  • Continuous

UTEC utilizes instrumentation to measure the detonation velocity via both methods. The point to point method is used for routine measurements and daily quality control inspections and evaluations.

The continuous method is used in instances in which a more precise and uniform detonation rate determination is necessary. This method more accurately can determine if the detonation rate is ‘steady-state’ or may be changing over time and or distance.

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