Explosives Measurement & Test Instrumentation
Energetic Materials Business Unit

Explosives Measurement &
Test Instrumentation

Custom explosives and energetic materials test equipment: manufacturing, fabrication, and sales.

UTEC has developed in-house capability of manufacturing and supplying a number of highly specialized measurement and testing equipment and instrumentation that is used to evaluate explosives and energetic materials.

UTEC is proud to be able to offer these specialized test equipment and instruments to customers that wish to perform this type of testing at their facility.

In some cases, it is more efficient for a UTEC customer to purchase and acquire a specific test apparatus and perform the required material testing at their facility to save time and money. If that is the case, UTEC is able to fabricate, manufacture and sell specific testing apparatus to the end-use customer.

UTEC also offers instruction as to the proper operation and maintenance of such apparatus upon sale and delivery. UTEC can offer training either at the UTEC facility prior to shipping of the equipment or alternately, UTEC can provide personnel training at the customer’s site which may be more applicable if there are a number of operators may need to be trained.

Some of the specialized equipment that UTEC currently offers include:

UTEC is continually upgrading its testing and instrument product offering. If there is a specific specialized device or instrument that you need, please contact UTEC to discuss your needs. UTEC has the answer!

Download the UTEC Explosives Measurement And Test Instrumentation brochure for more information.

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