Emulsions Analysis
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Emulsion Analysis

UTEC fully equipped chemical laboratory and outdoor detonation testing facility located on 640 acres is capable of analyzing any and all aspects of your emulsion explosive product or formulation including performance evaluations.

Emulsion explosives are today’s leading aqueous based explosives product being manufactured second only to ANFO in production volume.

UTEC has the capability of analyzing your commercial product and or advising in the development and analysis of your future emulsion products and formulations.

All emulsion explosives are of the ‘water-in-oil’ type. UTEC has expertise in all aspects of chemical analysis of these types of emulsions. Oxidizer or aqueous phase analysis; fuel phase analysis; and emulsifier analysis, are all routine for the UTEC laboratory. Along with any additional components that may be incorporated into any particular emulsion explosive product or formulation.

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